How to Visit Krakow, Poland for 3 Nights £190pp (inc Auschwitz/Salt Mine tour)

Since the last blog post that I made like this, about how to visit Rome for super cheap went down a treat, and my blog about my own trip to Krakow, Poland got a lot of interest (which you can read about here if you haven’t already) I thought I would do another post like my Rome one, but for Krakow.
I hope that this will help someone who reads it & wants to visit Krakow, to be able to find some amazingly cheap deals and be able to experience Krakow like me and Sam did, without breaking the bank.

Cab Wagon Europe Polga Horse Center Krakow Area
Krakow “Old Town” Square

I have based this city break around so me (hopefully) warmer months, May & June (2019) as after visiting Krakow myself at the end of March/beginning of April (-2/-3 degrees) I feel it would be more enjoyable & you’d get more from the experience going when the weather is a bit warmer. There is so much to see in the city that you want to be able to wander around without worrying about your fingers and nose freezing off.
The prices are pretty much the same throughout the entirety of this time period so any dates you pick to go will suit.


I looked into the price of flights for May & June 2019 by doing a general search of each entire month so that you can see the price of a flight on each day.

may 2019 krakow
Flights from any London airports- May 2019
june 2019 krakow
Flights from any London airports- June 2019

I had a look into all the main airports in the UK (sorry if anyone reading this is outside of the UK, my area of expertise is less accustomed to departing from other countries lol). London was (as usual) by far the cheapest airports to fly from, Birmingham was in second place, but still double the prices shown above for  London airports.
As you can see from above, going at the beginning of both May and June, would mean you could easily get a flight for £80/£90 return, which is insanely cheap for Krakow.


Again, like in the blog post I did for Rome, that was similar to this one, Air B’n’B stole the show with the accommodation you could get for good value for money. When myself and Sam visited Krakow, we stayed in an apartment which we book through Air B’n’B and it was perfect. I will link it down below as one of the options as it was SUPER cheap, in such a good location and we even had Netflix, so after busy days exploring we could chill out and watch our favourite Netflix shows.
Below are some lush little properties I found through Air B’n’B:

Option 1 (This is the apartment Me & Sam stayed in during our visit)
Option 2
Option 3
Option 4
Option 5

All of the above are the entire property, so you would get the entire flat/apartment to yourselves for the entire duration of your stay. The hosts are always superb, if you have ever been reluctant to book through Air B’n’B, don’t worry yourself, I was slightly apprehensive but after using an Air B’n’B apartment for our stay in Krakow, it is my first point of call when looking for accommodation for our future trips that are in the planning stages.


Another little thing I wanted to include into this post was the tour/museum options. If you are going to visit Krakow, you have got to take a trip out to the Auschwitz concentration camps, without a doubt. And if you can, do what myself and Sam did, and tie it in to a full day’s excursion of the Salt Mines & the Auschwitz camps. I have linked some good deals below for similar tours, both singular ones and both together for you guys to have a look at, as well as a couple of other fun things that you can do in Krakow, including Schindler’s Museum and touring Wawel Castle.

Auschwitz & Wieliczka Salt Mines (one day)
Auschwitz Memorial Tour
Wawel Castle Entry & Tour
Krakow Pinball Museum
Oscar Schindler’s Museum Entry

krakow 3.jpg

I really hope you guys enjoyed reading this post and have managed to take something helpful away from it. Please leave a like and a comment below if you have been to Krakow, or are planning on going and are going to use some of the information provided above.
I highly recommend adding it to your bucket list if it isn’t already on there. It is an incredible city and you can feel the history it contains just walking around, a must visit.

I look forward to next time!


Lizzie x

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