How to do a 4 night trip to Rome for £190pp all inc.

After doing my blog post on my own trip to Rome, and seeing all the love it received, I thought I’d spend one of my evenings this week just sitting and doing some research on the cheapest ways to get to Rome, and put a little “holiday booking guide” together, so that you guys can potentially experience it as well. (And that way I have people to talk to about Rome, so we are all winners 😉 )


I started off by looking into flights, and I found that the cheapest month (within the next year) to travel is October. I actually went in October myself and it was perfect, it wasn’t heaving with tourists because it was out of Peak Season. The weather was really warm & sunny, but bearable, unlike July/August when its in the high 30’s and its a struggle to even walk around the city.
I looked into each of the main UK Airports and it became evident that flying from a London airport was the cheapest by MILES. I have included some snapshots of price variances on the different airports below as examples.

rome flights(Prices of flights to Rome from London Airports during the whole of October)

manchester flights
(Prices of flights from Manchester Airport)

birmingham flights
(Prices of Flights from Birmingham Airport)


As you can see above, the prices from London Airports are significantly cheaper. So now, I am going to move ahead on the basis of a flight from London. This blog post isn’t meant to be a travel agent type thing, I just thought I’d do it as an example to hopefully help some people find a cheap deal to Rome. If people like it, then I will start doing things like this more often for different places.

The cheapest dates in October to fly worked out to be the 16th-20th, that would make it a 4 night trip, with 3 full days in the middle to fit in loads of exploring & sightseeing. The perfect amount of time for a short city break.
These dates worked out to be only £37 return (makes me wanna cry because when I booked it mine definitely weren’t that cheap, that’s such a good price!)

rome flioghts
There were 4 different flight times spaced throughout the day for this same price, so it’s completely up to you whether you wanna fly at 6am, 12pm, 3pm or 7pm.



Now onto hotels. This was the harder part to research as I wanted to find something cheap, in a good location but still of nice quality (no one wants to be staying in some crappy rundown hotel 10 miles from the city center), The 2 sites that showed up the best results were definitely & airbn… and after much searching, filtering and picture flicking, I managed to find a few little gems for a decent price that I’d like to share with you guys.
Option 1
Option 2
Option 3

All 3 of these are right in Rome city centre, close to some of the main landmarks, so easy access to walk everywhere, no public transport needed. They also include daily breakfast, so that will save some expenditure when you are actually there.

Air B’n’B:
Option 1
Option 2
Option 3
Option 4

Out of and Air bnb, Air bnb was definitely the winner. There was a lot more option within the cheaper price bracket, and each of the options linked above are within viewing distance of the Colosseum itself, meaning all the other landmarks aren’t far away either.


As stated in the title, by picking the flights selected above, and any one of the hotels/apartments linked… you would be able to take a little 4 night escape to Rome for £190pp or less. Absolutely bargain and so worth it.

I really enjoyed doing this blog post, researching into the best deals and finding little hidden gems to share with you guys, so please, if you guys find this useful let me know in the comments below. I think I’m going to do more blog posts like this after I’ve done a Travel Diary on my own trips.

I look forward to the next time,


Lizzie x





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