Best places to find cheap flights; £36 Barcelona, £38 Amsterdam, £34 Rome and many more…

For many people, the thought of booking a spontaneous trip is super exciting, but then the second thought of “Wait, I wonder how expensive flights are going to be?” Can really put some people off.

I’ve fallen victim to expensive flight charges many times in the past, I would never do my research and just go straight to a airline website directly and just book away.

Since I’ve been visiting different places more and more, I’ve become really savvy with finding the best bargains and how to book getaways for mega cheap. For Example, I recently booked a 4 night getaway to Barcelona with my girls, managed to get it to £130 each all inclusive (flights, accommodation and daily breakfast), absolute bargain!

(Our hotel is 100m from the “Sagrada Familia”)

Here are my Top Tips and Tricks to get the cheapest Flight Travel Possible:

  • Skyscanner: My Number 1 “Go-to” flight search engine.

Skyscanner is incredible because it works like ‘Go Compare’ but for flights instead. You enter in the destination you wish to visit and the dates you want to go and it searches all airlines to find the cheapest fares available overall for that destination on them dates.

Some tips to keep in mind when using Skyscanner:

To find the cheapest fares possible, don’t select specific dates. Aim to select an entire month instead, or allow a 2/3 day leeway on the dates you’ve picked, and you’ll probably find that if you went 2 days earlier or 2 days later you fare may be half the price!

Another tip, if you don’t have anywhere specific in mind, you can use skyscanner to enter in certain dates and select destination as “Anywhere”, this will bring up the cheapest fares for your dates ANYWHERE in the world. This can be quite exciting because you can just have a look through, see what’s available that you fancy and be mega spontaneous! 😍

  • Steer Clear of Airlines such as Ryanair for Long Trips where Luggage is needed.

Ryanair fares always appear mega cheap to start with, and this is great if you are doing a short trip, don’t mind where you sit and don’t need any luggage… however if you want to pick your seat, add a large suitcase or even be able to bring a smaller suitcase on the plane, you will get charged extra for each little thing. So a far that started out at say £40 return, could end up being £80-£100 after adding on all your necessary extras.

  • EasyJet are Great for Short-Medium Trips.

I like to book my city getaways via EasyJet, they always appear far up the skyscanner list when searching for flights as they are super cheap.

A tip when booking with easyJet, pay the little bit extra for the “extra legroom seats” as included in the extra £10 per person, you get priority boarding, 2x cabin bags to bring on board and reserved seats! If you were to book all these individually with other airlines it would end up costing you another £30/£40 on top of that.

  • Stay flexible with dates.

One tip I can’t stress enough when booking flights (and mentioned above) is to remain flexible with dates and times. Unless completely necessary, if you decide not to budge from your desired dates and time, you could end up paying double what you’d pay for the day before/day after, or even to fly really early in the morning/really late at night on the SAME day.

  • Don’t let early/late flight times put you off.

Early flights can be some of the best flights because it means you get majority of that first day at your destination, so you can waste no time dropping your bags at the hotel and getting out and about.

Vice Versa, late flights on the way home shouldn’t be offputting as majority of hotels these days off bagdrop areas, where you can leave you bag at the hotel for the day until it is time for you to go to the airport.

Majority of the time, early or later flights are a lot cheaper than flights centred around the middle of the day, so broaden your horizons a little in order to get better deals.

I’ve had a little look today on and some of the deals available today include:

Return to Barcelona: £36

Return to Amsterdam: £38

Return to Rome: £34

Return to Majorca: £42

Those are a few of my top tips when looking to get the cheapest flights possible. Travelling certainly doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg!

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Thank you For Reading,


Lizzie 🌷 x

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