How to Create and Follow your Ultimate Bucket List whilst Working Full Time!

Yes, It’s Possible! It’s possible to create your perfect bucket list and visit every place on it whilst still working full time and working to a budget.

I do it, I set myself a goal for 2018 to just do it, book as many trips as I can, and by the end of 2018 I will have managed to tick off 7 of the places on my list… Including Rome, Krakow, Barcelona, New York, and Dublin.

Now it’s your turn…. your turn to create your bucket list (if you haven’t already) and start planning how to tick off the first place TODAY!


  1. Grab your phone, laptop, pen & paper
    Whichever your preferred choice is. I like to write my down in my diary/planner… and start writing down the top 10 places you’d like to visit.
    Always start with a smaller number, this makes it seem more achievable and is far easier to work with when trying to work with 23-28 days holiday a year.
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  2. Organise the places into the countries they are located in.
    This way, you could plan to visit two, three or even four places within one short trip easily.
    For Example: My plan is for me and my partner to do a road-trip around Italy sometime next year, and so within my “Italy” section, I have got Venice, Florence, Naples, Pisa, Rome (I want to visit Rome again because I fell in loveee) and the Amalfi Coast.
    By narrowing places down into their relevant countries, it makes it easily visible to see which places you could tie together into one trip to save time and money.Perfect when you have to work within the boundaries of your allocated holiday allowance, tying places together into one trip allows you to tick off numerous places on your list within one set of flights and one break from work.
  3. 1371.JPG
  4. Decide whether you want to travel alone or with other people.
    For me, my favorite person to travel with is my Partner, Sam. We prioritize holidays and little getaways over anything else (after the bills of course) and we both aim to visit as many places as we can before settling down with a mortgage and all that expensive stuff.Deciding on this will help with figuring out what budget you are going to need for your trip. I find that going away in larger groups sometimes actually works out cheaper than going on your own or with just one other person. Once you know the number of people you are visiting with, this is when you can start planning and figuring out the cheapest way to travel.1377.JPG
  5. Now that you have an achievable bucket list together.
     and you have an idea of who you want to start visiting these places with, it is time to plan! (excited)Traveling does NOT have to be expensive by any means, and you don’t have to follow the stereotype that for travelling to be cheap you have to stay in hostels…. Not True.Sure, Hostels can be super fun if you are travelling alone or even with a group of friends, as you meet like minded people of similar ages that can make your trip way more enjoyable. But sometimes, if you want to visit places to actually experience the culture and do some sightseeing, a nice, relaxing hotel is what you need.

For my tips on how to plan your first trip… finding super cheap flights, booking cheap but luxurious accomodation and how best to book sightseeing hotspots and tours on the cheap, check out my next post.Please, Leave a comment below on any questions you’d like me to answer in my next post “Planning A Trip Away on a Budget”


Lizzie x

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