Calling all Wanderlusters and Travelbugs

My whole life I have dreamt of going travelling, seeing as many places in this beautiful world that I possibly can. Life’s to precious to spend stuck in the same place the entire time.


I think travelling has a different meaning for every different person. Everyone can travel, whatever situation you may be in. Some people will travel all in one go, take a gap year and try and see as many places as they can within that timeframe…


For me, (and most likely a lot of people reading this) the idea of going travelling for a long period is something that sounds absolutely amazing, but doesn’t seem very achievable.

My idea of travelling is still trying to see as many places as I can and experience all the different cultures and ways of life, whilst working full time as well (this works for my current situation).


I don’t have the funds to be able to just quit my job, pack a bag and fly away to another country, never to return for a year or two…

And so with this,  I bring you this post and many more to come..  Ways to Create and Follow Through with the Ultimate Travel Bucket List whilst still working full time 💫

I will be posting tips, tricks and hacks on how to save money in everyday life to have that little bit extra to put towards your next trip.

How to plan a trip in the cheapest way possible, where to find great flights, cheap luxury accommodation and how to use the least amount of holiday days from work possible to be able to fit more trips into your year ✨

Lastly, I will be posting my own trips, places I loved and would recommend when visiting certain places, things to do and how to get the most out of your break when visiting the same places I have ❣️


If this sounds like information you’d love to hear, please check back regularly to my site, share to your social media’s a leave me a comment, I’d love to hear from you!


Lizzie 🌷 x


2 thoughts on “Calling all Wanderlusters and Travelbugs

  1. I’m already jealous of the trips you are planning. Is there any room for me and two monsters in your suitcase? I could negotiate it down to one if that helps? Looking forward to reading more and maybe you can help me find a budget holiday. Dublin is my favourite xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww I’m sure I could find some room for two CUTE little monsters for sure 😉 I would love to help! Dublin was insane, where did you visit when you went? Did you go to the Guinness factory? my family live over in Ireland so I couldn’t believe it’s taken me 21 years to actually visit it but it didn’t dissapoint! Xxx


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